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Christian based Marriage Couseling for Dallas We are located in Richarson Texas, and are conveniently located off 75. Please contact us by calling 214-893-4567 for more information or to setup an appointment.
WELCOME to Dallas Marriage Counseling!
As Christian marriage counselors, we are committed to offering a selection of marriage counseling services which are helpful to believer and non-believer alike. Our efforts have at their core an aim which promotes faithfulness to God within the context of a difficult marriage. This unique focus requires the highest level of marriage counseling competency drawn against the backdrop of faith and values. We have been greatly blessed to be able to combine both areas of marriage counseling competencies into a single, very effective, marriage counseling program. Call today 214 89 3-4567.

Marriage Counseling in Dallas
· Anger issues

· Resolving Conflicts
· Helping with issues

Christian Based
· Using faith to heal
· Forgiveness
· How to love again

Because we are engaged in the ministry of Christian marriage counseling we offer this, our statement of beliefs and affirmations.

1. Christianity is the foundation of all ethical and moral systems operative our society and culture today. Christianity's core values underpin all our professional marriage counseling programs provided to individuals, couples, children and families.


2. We focus upon helping marriages to become spiritually and emotionally strong. Strong marriages and families provide strength to society and to our community as a whole.

3. Our goal is to provide ethical, moral and values-based marriage counseling. We believe that, for the counselor to be effective, he must deliver the highest quality counseling. It must be spiritually compelling and to the point. It must also present clear and effective solutions to the serious issues we face each day.